About Me

So I’m a magician… although you may have already guessed that from the whole ‘Close Up Magic’ and ‘cardmagician.co.uk‘ thing…

But I thought it would be nice to give you a little more about me.

I’ve been doing magic since I was 12 when there was a magic club in school.  I joined the Young Magicians Club (which is effectively the youth wing of The Magic Circle) when I was 13.  At YMC I received expert training in the arts of magic, sleight of hand and mind reading.  Since turning 18 and graduating from YMC I’ve kept up magic and performance.  I’m not yet a member of the Magic Circle, however I’m in the application process and hope to join the ranks soon!

Since arriving at uni, I’ve become the Secretary and then President of the Nottingham University Magic Society committee.  The Magic Society is one of the largest student-run magic Clubs in the country.

As you may have inferred from above, I’m also a student.  When I’m not at the carding and magicking and whatever you want to call it I’m studying Mathematical Physics (a branch of applied maths that uses physics too).  I like to incorporate Physics in my acts.  Don’t worry – not in a boring sense!

Also an avid potterhead (I guess it goes with magic and illusion?) and I know the books pretty much by heart! Always up for a nerd-off 🙂

So there’s a bit about me! If you want to book me or just email me to discuss anything here, feel free to use the contact page!

I’d love to here from you!